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Uber charged a cancellation fee even though they did not pick us up at restaurant requested.
No way to contact Uber to complain.
I have used Uber many times. Uber is even in Cambodia and I was able to get around.
This Uber driver was given the name of a famous restaurant in New Orleans. No excuses. The $5 charge will not break me but add the $7.50 taxi ride. Sidewalks were iced over so with a recent knee replacement I didn’t want to chance the walk.
An intense full body workout for 1 hour.
I had an accounting assignment that was really technical. I ordered a paper from I got a really bad paper that was unusable. So I tried a different company. Am happy I did. Writer #1033 is definitely a real professional. The paper scored a strong B. Given how hard it was, am more than satisfied with that.
Este website tem roupas bastante interessantes. Recomendo vivamente a todas as pessoas a visitarem o website e efectuarem as suas compras.
Everyone rocks!! The workouts are so intense. Just what I need.
People are making a kill from it

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