Reseña de Jainsworld hecho por Neeta Gadiya

Fraudulent online matrimonial service is an Indian matrimonial website based in Jabalpur(state-Madhya Pradesh). It is a big fraud n utterly nonsense matrimonial service website with cheat n 3rd class people operating it. They collect all the information of an eligible candidate from another website which is a genuine matrimonial service website and tell you that they have proposals who are interested in you. They call you more than 100 times to take their services n give you at least two phone numbers which can be real but once you pay the money, its over. They do not send you a single proposal neither give you a single number. Instead they choose not to receive calls from you. I also have two of the people's number which they gave me n on calling I got to know they were even cheated badly then me. I spoke to this person from Mumbai who had been cheated by these people for a good amount of 12500/- .  I can show you my payment receipt n also share numbers which were cheated by this website. Feel like filling case against them but they operate from somewhere in Madhya Pradesh n I do not have enough time. Please do not fall prey for this service like me n many more.

I am posting this name n number who calls from this company.


Cell Number:- 9329172072

Also I  would like to add that after writing this review on, I have been getting many phone calls from this company saying that they shall  refund my amount if I delete this review but I have refused. I hope this review helps you to make your decision wisely. please do not take their service as they actually stop talking to you or receiving your call from the very next day. pls do not go for neither this website nor other few similar websites which operate from Madhya Pradesh. have been getting many calls from such fraud websites operating from and near Jabalpur. SAY A BIG NO TO THEM or your money paid to them is gone forever
Viernes, Febrero 10, 2017

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