User Guidelines

User Guidelines

User Guidelines

1. When to write a review?

It is possible to write reviews about Trustmus on some terms and conditions. The reviewers must be end users and must have had live interactions with companies for products and services. Review writing is possible provided you:

Have made a purchase or enjoyed a service from any company, any organization or a web based marketer, just to name a few. They are referred to as the "Company"

Have ordered a product or service with the company with the intention of buying it.

Have documents to prove that you have used company's services and products.

Over the next few lines we will be using the term "Buying Experience" as a term encompassing the following three situations.

The review must be in relation to the buying experience which you must have gone through during the last 12 months. You are free to write about your experience. In other words you cannot be somebody who is writing on behalf of your family members or friends.

You are also not permitted to write a review of the products and services of the company if you are an employee. The same rule applies if you have the owner of the company, member of the family or executive of the organization.

You are permitted to pen only one review for each company. However, you are free to update your review in order that it takes into account the latest buying experience.

2. What Topics Should You Cover?

When writing a review you should ensure that it talks about the first hand Buying Experience. You must try and focus on only the pertinent points of your total Buying Experience. It should cover areas related to customer services, communication experience with the company, delivery schedules, and other such things. It should be borne in mind that Trustmus does not allow propel to use it as a platform for reviewing products or reviewing websites. It is plain and simple a platform where purchased products can be reviewed and customers can talk about the efficacy and use or otherwise of the same. It is basically product Buying Experience.

3. When Should Reviews Be Modified And Altered?

There are no laid down procedures by which reviews are monitored on Trustmus. But there is an option by which readers can report about a review. It is therefore not uncommon to receive notice from companies expressing their reservations about reviews not being in line with stipulated guidelines. If such reviews are reported and the reasons are not exactly unjustifiable, then we may ask for modification of the review so that it falls in line with our Guidelines. However, the review might not have enough reasons for complete rejection. Here are a few such occasions where modification might be asked for:

The review talks about the functionality of the product purchased or about the layout of the website.

The review is not exaggerated and is based on ethical and other value based positions instead of Buying Experience.

If the review contains rough or coarse language and has a racial or sexist character.

If your review contains information that is personal in nature, such as name, phone number, address, email details, credit/debit card information which could compromise the safety and security of the individual, then you are bound under the agreement to modify and remove the reviews. References to other websites and companies may also be removed and this could include links. Blanks are used to replace removed information. No other alterations will be made to your review.

4. When Are Reviews Removed?

As the main rule we do not believe in removing reviews from our site. However, if the reviews are grossly in violation of our guidelines or in violation of the law of the land, we have the right to remove such reviews. Here are a few examples where removal is possible:

Violation of Guidelines and Terms & Conditions could be a reason for removal, especially if you do not alter the review within the time period allotted to you. Further if the review is not talking about actual Buying Experience (clause 6-7 below) or if the review is about fine or tax which has been imposed. If you review violates the companies' and individual's basic rights and if it infringes on intellectual property rights, or privacy/confidentiality, then it can be removed. Your reviews should have a marketing nature or purpose attached to it. If you happen to be the competitor of the product or service being reviewed, then too it can be removed.

A Few More Reasons

You were or are an employee of the company's product which you have review or if you are owner of the company or a close relative or executive of the company. You could have a review which is in violation of applications regulations and laws. Further you could have created multiple reviews of the same Company and that too quite a few times. We could also remove the review if the automated internal assessment procedures find it not in compliance with guidelines, terms and conditions and local laws. We might remove reviews if there is no Buying Experience proof and if the reviewer does not comply with our request to produce the same.

5. We May Not Remove A Review If

If there is disagreement between you and the Company regarding chronology of events.

If the situations are such that it could be difficult who is in the wrong or who is the right.

In such situations we ask the Company to send replies for such reviews so that others are able to have a look at their versions.

If your review has a star rating which is diametrically opposite to the review.

If your review is considered unfair because of a mistake made by the supplier. You as a reviewer have a right to feel dissatisfied and we have no ground to judge whether such dissatisfaction is right or not. The matter has to be solved between the stakeholders, i.e. the reviewers and the Company.

You could have a situation where the Company you have reviewed could have changed ownership.

6. When Buying Experience Proof Is Asked, What Should Be Sent By You?

It is quite possible that we may ask you to give us proof of Buying Experience with the Company which you have reviewed. This could happen if the Company writes to us that such Buying Experience has never taken place or if your internal fraud detection mechanism finds that buying may not have happened. In such instances an email will be sent to you and the onus lies on you to prove the buying experience proof within a stipulated time period. The Buying Experience must be up to 12 months as on the date on which the review has been posted. The documentation sent to us will not be shared with third parties that could include the reviewed Company. However, it is possible that we could share your ID number to the Company, unless you specifically ask us not to do so.

7. False Reviews

The main objective of Trustmus is to come out with a platform where free sharing of Buying Experiences is possible. This will help in giving an honest and informative feedback of the Company's product and services. We believe that trust is important and therefore under no circumstances can we accepted fabricated and false reviews. In other words such reviews could be in contravention to genuine Buying Experience. We consider such false & fabricated reviews violation of the Terms & Conditions and we have a zero tolerance policy on this.

We have advanced software to find out reviews that are fabricated. Such wrong and false reports could lead to its removal of the review and also your account could be blocked. You could also be reported against to the concerned authorities.

If you believe that the review is false and fabricated, we urge you to modify it making use of our contact form, which can be found here.

We are very strict about fabricated reviews and investigate them thoroughly. We know this is not an easy task and therefore we request you to provide as much documentation as possible to substantiate your claim that the review is fabricated.

8. Guideline Changes

We are within our rights to change Guidelines having future effect. We will keep you informed through our Website regarding these changes. By continuously posting modified reviews, we assume that you have accepted the modified guidelines.

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