Mark Wilkens

Mark Wilkens

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Dillenburg, Hesse, Germany


Never had Issues with gearbest! Gotta love this shop*

Greetings form germany everyone :)

Nickname:Sajador Skolotaié
Order Number:19091500998619065170

From ordering to the day it arrived:21.09<--->27.09. Extremely Quick! :D

To keep my Review short i will review the last recieved article from Gearbest.

The Cheap Bluetooth Headset

I was very pleased with it's quality.
It was very light but worked like a Charm.
Sound was a bit thin,but loud enough and with a good eq setting also good bass for the price.

Sadly the battery runtime is horrible,only about 90 minutes for me.

But that's the product not Gearbest itself right ;)

I buy since a while at Gearbest and don't want to miss it!

Never had problems so far,sometimes Shipping delays and such,but all time it got solved by the Gearbest team.

Great Website,many amazing opportunities to buy cool gadgest at low prices and with a good Quality.

Thanks Gearbest.
Sábado, Diciembre 7, 2019

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